LGB + T = U N I T Y

800px-Iowa_City_Pride_2012_034I’ve recently realized that my unease about the trans community joining the gay community was really internalized homophobia.

I was at Walgreens when there was a woman who might have been trans (she didn’t state her gender identity upon walking in the store), and there were some kids ahead of me in line making fun of her. Well, I felt violently outraged. I started to shake. I didn’t say anything, though I should have. I was sure if I would have spoken up my gay, deep baritone would have earned me at least one “faggot.”

Luckily the woman was not in earshot of the sniveling little shits that were mocking her.

Whether it is transphobia, internalized homophobia, racism, anti-religion, etc., the dark passengers I have inside always take a backseat when I am facing another human being in real life, and I think the same is true for most bigots. I used to call that being two-faced or a coward. Now I’m pretty sure it’s a sign that even hateful people can show some humanity when they are confronted with humanity. But warm-fuzzies like that evaporate quickly as situations change.

The same people hate us.

Along with the bordereau of videos from Russia chronicling the targeted beating of gay men was a video showing the beating of a trans woman. It was reminiscent of the “knock-out game” videos from here in the States; an innocent person walking alone gets ambushed from behind.

The savages in this video, who outnumbered her at least 4:1, began to strip her of her clothes before I had to stop watching.

This video proved to me that LGB’s and T’s really do belong together. If the most ignorant and barbaric citizens of a primitive country made the connection between us, it was time that I did, too.

There are several proposed gender-neutral pronouns, most of which are brand new words no one has ever spoken before. Some people, including me, prefer a singular “they.”

Singular ‘they’ is the use of the word “they” as a gender-neutral pronoun.

For example: The thief came in through the ceiling so they wouldn’t trip the alarm. The office manager said everyone should mind their own business while the police investigate.

Thanks to my linguist friends, I have come to learn that singular “they” has been around since the time of Chaucer and his Canterbury Tales. It is a time-honored way of skirting around the gaping hole in the English language that can only be filled with a gender-neutral pronoun. Embrace singular they. Love singular they!

But that sets us up for another debate…

….If it is a truly singular “they,” should we say “They is,” or “They are”?

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